Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jiffy Lube Live bans tailgating

Sorry Parrotheads; there will be no tailgating when Jimmy Buffett plays at Jiffy Lube Live this summer. In fact, there will be no tailgating allow,  period.According to the Washington Post, the venue’s general manager, Matt Rogers, the new policy is an effort to stem drunken driving. Now, this new policy isn't out of the ordinary. Rival venue, Merriweather Post Pavilion, has a similar policy and that could be one reason that I've been to one concert at that venue for the past ten years. I like to tailgate. A like to meet neighboring tailgaters and discuss music. I don't like paying $8 for a mass produced draft beer. That's why I usually have a few beers in the parking lot and then drink water during the show. Although its also painful paying $3-$4 for a bottled water.

Now, like many politicians, I feel that the Jiffy Lube management is exploiting tragedy for their own personal benefit. Yes, its horrible that four people have perished driving home from Jiffy Lube concerts. yet, if the venue really cared about drunk driving then you'd think they'd change their alcohol policies within the venue. Nope. They will serve as much of their overpriced crap beer as customers will buy. Just don't bring any competing beverages into the parking lot. I'll be spending my summer at Wolf Trap.

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