Monday, May 23, 2011

Suzanna Choffel New Relase - Steady Eye Shaky Bow

For those still lamenting the breakup of The Belleville Outfit, here's a suggestion:
Suzanna Choffel and her new release Steady Eye Shaky Bow. Now, its not that the two acts are similar; its more that they both came out of Austin with a very unique sound. No old school jazz like the former, but Suzanna Choffel combines some jazzy rhythms with some funky to create her alt-pop sound. Honestly, it took a little warming up to this CD. I initially cycled it after a hard driving blues CD and it just didn't work. But I revisited it on a Sunday morning and in the evening after work, and its a very nice listen. The backing band is a set of solid Ausin musicians drummer Eldridge Goins, bassist Johnny Vogelsang, vibes/accordion/synth player Laura Scarborough, and saxophone/clarinet player Brad Houser. Combined with Choffel's beautiful, and I mean beautiful vocals - this is a soothing compilation. Jump to Animal, Hot Shot, or Come Clean to see what I mean. In fact, Animal is actually quite hypnotic - this song will lower any stress level. Love it. And Hot Shot is the catchy pop song that stays in your head for quite a while. The moral is don't throwout a CD after one listen - give it a second or third chance..... We learned that lesson.

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