Saturday, May 12, 2012

Classic Soul from The Right Now

There are time when I receive a music sample, give a listen, and so yea, okay; and then there are times when I receive a music sample, give a listen, and immediately have that Eureka moment. That's what happened when we first listened to Gets Over You from The Right Now.  Classic 70's soul - I'm talking Aretha style - and coming from Chicago - I'm expecting the Blues Brothers to be backing. Then, with the horns, I think I'm in Memphis. Regardless, The Right Now get it done; right now; starting with front women Stefanie Berecz; then guitarists Chris Corsale and Brendan O’Connell (plus keyboard); and finally the rhythm section of Greg Nergaard (bass), John Smillie (drums), Jonathon Edwards (baritone sax), and Jim Schram (tenor sax).

Take a listen to "I Can't Speak For You". Then 'Good Man". Then "Tell Everyone The Truth". Then "'Til It Went Wrong". If you are not hooked, then something's up.  I read that their live shows are unforgettable. Need to take a road trip to the Windy City - following this band this band is on the list. 

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