Thursday, May 24, 2012

Songwriters and Poets converge on the Black Squirrel

Starting last night and throughout June, the Black Squirrel (2427 18th Street NW, Washington, DC, US, 20009) will be hosting a stream of local musicians through the inaugural Songwriters and Poets series.The series includes several popular local artists: Justin Trawick, Ilyaimy, Ken Wenzel, Tiffany Thompson and more...Hope to see you there.

The Concept
Songwriters and Poets intention is to become an annual six week series event to showcase the talents of independent musical and spoken word artists from our region. Much like the highly vaunted SXSW in Austin Texas, it is the goal of this program to develop and expand into a multi-venue event that will attract an audience not only of listeners and tastemakers, but also industry professionals scouting for emerging talent. Each of the artists has demonstrated a dedication to their art that transcends the ordinary and represents diversity in genres from Americana to Folk, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Experimental and Voice. Each headline performer has achieved a level of personal accomplishment defined by their sacrifices, shaped by their performances and established by the support of their audiences. Each supporting artist has demonstrated the dedication to follow in their footsteps.

The Venue
The Black Squirrel has become known as a leader in Craft Beer through its extensive and ever-changing fresh seasonal menu representing artisanal brewers from every corner of the country and world. Two steps below street level in its row home splendor lies a tap room intentionally decorated in street art graffiti with an underutilized sound stage that presents an ideal guerrilla showcase for our first ever event series.

The Schedule
Multi-artist performances will occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Wednesdays during the six week program. Each evening will open at 7pm with two to three supporting artists followed by the headline artist(s) from 9pm to 10:30pm then all artists will once again take the stage together to close out the evening program. All support sets and the final set are free to the public and all headline sets carry a modest $5 advance reserve and $10 at the door entry fee. All audience entry fees inure to the benefit of the artists.

Tuesday, May 22
7pm - Emmet Williams No Cover
8pm - Dan Wolff No Cover
9pm – Harris Face $5 Advance $10 Door
10pm - The Parlor Soldiers

Thursday, May 24– Co-Bill
7pm – Bobby Waters No Cover
8pm – Jacqueline Stem $5Advance $10 Door
9pm - Christopher Mac Vittie

Tuesday, May 29 - Co-Bill
7pm – Steve Tibbets No Cover
8pm – Symphonic Refrain $5Advance $10 Door
9pm – Jeremiah “REV” Headen

Thursday, May 31 – Co-Bill
7pm – Mike Burgess No Cover
7:30pm – Paddy Kilrain No Cover
8:30pm – Justin Trawick $5Advance $10 Door
9:30pm – Ilyaimy

Tuesday June 5, 2012
7pm – Damian Anderson No Cover
7:30pm – Steve Rayment No Cover
8:30pm – Misty Boyce $5Advance $10 Door
9:30pm - Nick Africano

Thursday June7, 2012
7pm –  Special Guest  No Cover
8pm – Nikki Smith No Cover
9pm – Silky Dave $5Advance $10 Door

Tuesday, June 12
7pm – Juels Bland No Cover
8pm – Mark G. Meadows w/Stephen Synk No Cover
9pm – Christylez Bacon $5Advance $10 Door

Thursday, June 14
7pm – Tom Dews No Cover
8pm - Gina DeSimone & Pat Quinn No Cover
9pm – Laura Baron $5Advance $10 Door

Tuesday, June 19
7pm – Adrian Krygowski No Cover
7:30pm – Joe Conley No Cover
8pm – Tiffany Thompson $5Advance $10 Door
9pm – Ken Wenzel

Wednesday, June 20
7:30pm – House of Burgess No Cover
8:30pm – Steve Guyger $5Advance $10 Door
                     With Richard Ray Farrell

Thursday, June 21
7pm – Daniella Risman No Cover
7:30pm – Jim Shirey No Cover
8:30pm – Ansel Matthews $5Advance $10 Door
9:30pm – Luke Mitchem “Save Joplin”

Tuesday, June 26
6:45pm – Sarah Kinas No Cover
7:15pm - Benjamin Hofer No Cover
7:45pm – Heather Mae No Cover
8:30pm – Susan Enan $10Advance $15 Door
9:30pm – Andy Zipf

Thursday, June 28
7pm – Jean Bayou No Cover
8pm – The Harley String Band No Cover
9pm – Becky Warren and the Great Unknowns $5Advance $10 Door

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