Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack Harmonize in "Run My Love"

Last night we were invited to the IOTA Club  to see Jim Hanft and partner Samantha Yonack open for Hoots & Hellmouth. Hanft is touring in support of his new CD, Weddings or Funerals which we discussed previously here.  This evening, the duo performed several songs from this release which showcases their vocal harmonies. This is what I believe differentiates Hanft from the cadre of other singer songwriters. There are many like him who can write interesting songs and handle the harp\guitar combo - but few supplement with beautiful harmonies - particularly those from Ms. Yonack. Just check out the video below of "Run My Love" to see what I mean. More videos are available at the MyJoogTV YouTube channel. 

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