Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Album Review: Dubl Handi - Up Like The Clouds

Dubl Handi, "a lovely small washboard with a Galvanized metal rubbing surface. This washboard was specifically designed to take away with you so you could wash your clothes on the move!"  Whoops, wrong Dubl Handi. I mean Dubl Handi, the acoustic duo of Brian Geltner and Hilary Hawke, not the washboard from the The Columbus Washboard Company. Well, you can see where their name derives. We were sent a preview copy of their new CD "Up Like The Clouds" and we will never be confused again. First, this album brings back many memories with historic classics such as Little Birdie, New River Train, Cluck Old Hen, Single Girl, and Poor Ellen Smith. And it introduced me to some other classics such as Katie Cruel, C'mon Baby, and  Randy Lynn Rag. How did I miss that Earl Scruggs hit?  But a single song, alone, sums up this release. Check out Undone in Sorrow. Beautiful vocals, soothing banjo from Hawke, and melodic snare drum rhythms from Geltner. Awesome. We've been listening to a lot of great music coming out of Brooklyn (Yarn, Spirit Family Reunion). Dubl Handi can be added to that list. 

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