Friday, January 25, 2013

Album Review: Reed Turner: Ghosts in the Attic

Last we heard from Reed Turner we had just listened to his 2011 EP Side One: See How Far I Get. Now he's returned to our radar with the soon to be released Ghosts in the Attic - scheduled for early February.  Plus we hear that he's been hanging out with Phoebe Hunt, which makes us even more intrigued. I plugged the CD in and had it running in the background, but not for long. After switching back to see the song title for the first three tracks, I gave up on work and just listened. I thought the title track would be my favorite, then I listened to Killed That Girl, then Room for Doubt,  then Long Gone - you get the idea. This CD gets better the longer you listen. I really thought that his EP was a fine release, but there is no comparison to Ghosts. The song writing is more mature, the guitar work more sophisticated (Lone Gone), and the songs more powerful (Locking Doors & The Fire).  The only disappointment is I can't make it to Stubbs to see Turner and Ms. Hunt for the CD release party on February 8th.  The future of Texas alt-country is in good hands.

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