Friday, January 3, 2014

The Highballers - New Album and CD Release Party at IOTA

I've been falling The Highballers for a couple years now - completely enjoying their old school country sound and chuckling over entertaining lyrics and song titles. The Washington DC based band is back again with a new self titled CD and plenty more songs of drinkin', unruliness, and remorse plus great guitar work and vocal harmonies. This CD helped me through two long plane rides and a couple of stern looks as I laughed and sung the melodies to hushed passengers. I mean, who can't sing and laugh to I Need My Ass Kicked or Can't Stop Drinkin'.  Then listen to the beautiful vocals of Lula's Gone and the more serious songs such as  King of the Plains or Love Will Find You - classic country and harmonies.  Here's a pretty cool animated video of the former that should entice you to attend their CD Release Party at IOTA Club in Arlington, VA next Saturday January 11th. Pair with Catoctin Creek Distilling Company Roundstone Rye Whiskey.

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