Thursday, February 27, 2014

Album Review: Sturgill Simpson - High Top Mountain

With the recent announcement that Sturgill Simpson plans to release a new album in May, I decided it time to listen to his critically acclaimed 2013 debut release: High Top Mountain. And yes, the buzz is accurate - this is timeless country - part outlaw, part honky tonk, part "hillbilly soul" - all a freight train ahead rolling forward. The first track (Life Aint Fair and the World is Mean) is a perfect introduction to the album. And then pick your track, You Can Have The Crown or Water in a Well, driving or ballad, these are authenticate songs and all incorporate that timeless old school country sound. The most powerful songs are Hero and Old King Coal - both relating to the major industry in his native Kentucky. I've read a lot of references comparing Sinpson to the late 70's Waylon Jennings - but I think this is the new outlaw country. And boy, I would love to hear a co-bill between Simpson and Mark Stuart of The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. Pair with Kentucky's Old Pogue Distillery - a contemporary Bourbon based on historic roots. 

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