Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Album Review: Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer - The Flower of Muscle Shoals

I've been following the alt-county sound of Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, for a year now, and see that Morrison has stepped out on his own with his new project:  Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer: The Flower of Muscle Shoals. And this is a keeper. "I've Won Every Battle, But I've Lost Every War" is powerful with it's subtle guitar and tight harmonies. "Sorrow Lines the Highway of Regret" is classic honky tonk and check out the guitar in "Over and Over and Over Again". Then there's a little Tex-Mex in "San Luis" and Hobbled and Grazing". There's a lot of different sounds throughout - and lovers of the accordion and pedal steel will not be disappointed. The Country Hammer is composed of Country Dave Harmonson on pedal steel, Jim Miller n guitar and additional vocals, Robert Adesso on guitar/harmony vocals, Mary Maass on fiddle, Ethan Lawton on drums, and Michael Thomas Connolly on bass and accordion. The release was recorded at Empty Sea Studios in Seattle, which shows that the pacific Northwest is a new outpost for roots music. Pair with Seattle's Fremont Mischief. Cheers

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