Friday, September 12, 2014

Album Review: Lost & Nameless - When You Walked Into the Room

Not wasting any time Lost & Nameless is out with their second release of the year, this time When You Walked Into the Room (release date September 6th). We reviewed Empty Spaces this Spring and the latest is a continuation of this folk-fiddle-rockn' sound. The six songs feature Patrick Conway on vocals, guitars and banjo; Chris E. Peterson on mandolin, fiddle and vocals; Nathan Quiring on piano, organ, accordion and vocals; and Peterson’s protégé, Kimberly Zielnicki, on vocals, fiddle, bass and piano. The title track attracts your attention as Conway describes love at first sight while the next track (Say Goodbye) juxtaposes that thought by describing a relation's end. She has quite the voice and a way with melodies, doesn't she? Harmonies are the theme in Have We Lost and May I is an interesting track as it is a 2,000-year-old Buddhist prayer set to music. The EP finishes with a rousing instrumental combining “Matthew’s Reel” by Erin Shrader and “Reel a Levis Beaulieu”, a traditional French Canadian fiddle tune. Cheers to good music.

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