Thursday, March 26, 2015

Album Review: Chubby Knuckle Choir - Reveille

Most music lovers correctly associate Texas music with Americana, but there's also a deep Texas blues tradition. And a new band out of Texas, has merged these two styles into an excellent album. I'm referring to Chubby Knuckle Choir and their upcoming release Reveille. At times it feels like I'm listening to several different bands as the album starts with a fiery Americana then oscillates into a softer Robert Cray styled blues and eventually returns to country and swamp blues. Hungry Hollow Road is the must listen to track, then the next tracks, Black Motel and Trouble, segues into solid Americana songs. The band is composed of Slim Bawb, Perry Lowe, Tres Womack, and Rory Smith with all contributing singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. Some cool instruments too: bass fiddle, frottoir, congas, Brazilian box drum cajón, African drum djembe, mandolin..... You don't see these very often. The album concludes with a live track recorded at the Dosey Doe. This will encourage you to check out their tour schedule. The album will be released April 21st and we will post reminders as that day creeps closer. Pair with hometown brewpub Bastrop Brewhouse. Cheers.

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