Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Album Review: Ryan Culwell - Flatlands

Before last week Ryan Culwell was completely off my radar; but after listening to Flatlands, he's won a new fan. Culwell is now based out of Nashville, but the album's all about his boyhood roots in the Texas panhandle. These are serious songs; some ballads, some rootsy, others almost folkish - but all play through the heart. Just listen to the last track Horses. For me, that's what makes the album; no two songs are similar - yet all are powerful. Listen to the anguish in Red River or the personal journey in the title track. Piss Down In My Bones is a favorite track with it's staccato rap as is Won't Come Home (a slow ballad). Pair with the opening track Amarillo's hometown brewery, Big Texan Brewery. Cheers.

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