Friday, May 16, 2014

Album Review: Amy McCarley - Jet Engines

Are you a fan of Holly Williams? Then take a listen to singer-songwriter Amy McCarley. No, she is not an exact match, but while listening to the opening track off her upcoming second release Jet Engines, "Everybody Wants To",  I can't help waiting for McCarley to belt out Williams' Hey why are you cheatin' on a woman like this. Co-produced by Kenny Vaughan and George Bradfute, Jet Engines is an enjoyable listen throughout - plenty of roots, rockabilly, and country as well as McCarley's very distinctive voice. "Here I Am" seems like a an anthem for many people I know, and I love the guitar work. On the other hand, "Head Out of Town" is my anthem. I can relate completely (I'm going to pick me a place and that's where I'm going to go). Plus there's some slide guitar from Bradfute. Vaughan also contributes electric and acoustic guitars throughout the CD with Derek Mixon (drums & percussion) and Michael Rinne (electric & upright bass) rounding out the supporting cast.  The title track is another favorite (great melodies) and Woods on Fire closes the release in rockin' style. Pair with Blue Pants Brewery from her native Alabama where McCarley performs May 29th. Cheers. 

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