Thursday, May 1, 2014

Album Review: Moot Davis - Goin’ In Hot

Ever heard of Moot Davis? I hadn't until I received a link for his latest release, Goin’ In Hot. Produced by Kenny Vaughan this is a great combination of love sick ballads and rockin' up tempo music. His 5-string open G Telecaster is noticeable throughout as is the excellent accompanied sound of  The Good Americans featuring bassist Michael Massimino, drummer Joe Mekler and guitarist Bill Corvino.  I enjoyed the heck out of this release and you will too. Pair Davis' native Jersey brewery: Flying Fish Brewing Company. Cheers.

Goin In Hot - rock feel; great electric guitar
Food Stamps - country flavor of $2 wine
Just Left Home - slow drawl Americana
Made For Blood - classic rock meets Americana
Used To Call It Love - proves he can slow it down
Walk Alone - another rockn' country song
Midnight Train - just listen to those guitars
Hurtin' For Real - slow ballad to cry in your beer
The Reason - old school country
Love Hangover - my favorite track - sounds like the BSOJC
Rag Man's Roll - more 70's rock Lynyrd Skynyrd style
I Wanna Go Back - Is that Haggard?
25 Lights - book ends with more great electric guitar & rock

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