Saturday, May 3, 2014

Album Review: Doctor Magnum - Magnum Carta Holy Grail brings out some electronic funky jazz

Be that it is New Orleans Jazz Fest week I found the spirit by listening to a very interesting and entertaining release from Doctor Magnum, an Albany NY jazz quartet. Their latest release is Magnum Carta Holy Grail which they describe as a combination of classic rock 'n' roll, hip hop infusion, and jazz. I found this six track, all instrumental album closer to an electronic fusion of rock & funk. And despite a few times where the instrumentation went beyond my capabilities, I enjoyed this release. The lineup is what makes this work: electric guitar, keyboards, and percussion - Charlie Button (lead guitar), Jerome Steele (lead guitar), Steve Keator (keyboard), and Rob Colpoys (drums) - to be precise. I enjoyed the interplay between drums and keyboard and then at times there is a definite jamband feel as each member trades off solos. That process starts with the first track Agent Zero and continues with my favorite jamband-ish ALL CAPS/N.Y. State of Mind. Pair with CH Evans Brewing Company at the Albany Pump Station. Cheers.

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