Thursday, February 19, 2015

Album Review: Ryan Bingham - Fear and Saturday Night

Last month Ryan Bingham released his 5th album Fear and Saturday Night and I just got around to listening. Idiot. Lost of month of listening to the first entrant to album of the year. This album is stellar - from the lyrics, Bingham's hoarse vocals, and the musical arrangements. Evidently Bingham secluded himself in a trailer in the California mountains without amenities and wrote songs based on his life experiences. The result is songs with feelings and meaning set to a classic rock theme played with an alt-country sound. The album was produced by Jim Scott and features a new band of Shawn Davis (bass), Daniel Sproul (lead guitar), and Nate Barnes (drums).  Pair with Bingham's new hometown L.A.'s Angel City Brewery. Cheers.
  • Nobody Knows My Trouble - Bingham's biography set to a classic alt-county sound
  • Broken Heart Tattoos - waltzy advice
  • Top Shelf Drug - bluesy rock of wonderful love
  • Island in the Sky - epic -> flying high
  • Adventures of You and Me - rockin' TexMex
  • Fear and Saturday Night - demon's going to town
  • My Diamond is too Rough - Bingham's talent for storytelling
  • Radio - swamp music evolves into pounding rock n' roll
  • Snow Falls in June - love the musical arrangement
  • Darlin - love sentiments we can relate to
  • Hands of Time - Steppenwolf meets Bingham
  • Gun Fightin Man - finally, the harp in this sad ballad

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