Monday, February 16, 2015

Robert Earl Keen Goes Back to Bluegrass Roots in Happy Prisoner

As Dallas Wayne was introducing a song on Outlaw Country, he mentioned the Robert Earl Keen had started out playing bluegrass - an anecdote I had never heard before. Whether true or not, REK is hardcore on bluegrass now having just released Happy Prisoner - The Bluegrass Sessions.  I've heard several of the songs on Outlaw Country - principally the opening track "Hot Corn Cold Corn" and "East Virginia Blues". Even with the bluegrass arrangements, REK's unique vocals and demeanor are clearly recognizable. . The song choices also standout with "Vincent Black Lightning" (compare with Del McCoury), "Long Black Veil", "Wayfaring Stranger" (w/ Natalie Maines), and "T For Texas" (w/ Lyle Lovett). And Bluegrass favorite, Peter Rowan, joins in on "Walls of Time". I mean, what's not to like. Looking forward to listening for another 30 years of REK. Pair with College Station's Blackwater Draw Brewing Company or New Republic Brewing. Cheers.

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