Sunday, November 8, 2009

20 Days in November - Day 3: The Dreamscapes Project

Last night we went a little overboard on our expenditures, so this evening we looked for an engagement without a cover charge. Our first thought was a nice restaurant that booked music which led us to in Falls Church. And sure enough a band that has been on our horizon - The Dreamscapes Project - were scheduled. For the benefit of full disclosure, frontman Keith Center and I work for the same company during our non-music hours - although we have never personally met. The band started out from nearby George Mason University and has quickly gained a nice local and regional following. They continue to play at off-campus joints like Fat Tuesdays or into New York or Jersey at Arlene's Grocery, The National Underground or The Saint. So it was a great opportunity finding them close to home.

The Dreamscapes Project is an interesting composition. Keith Center plays an acoustic guitar and is accompanied by Jeremy Rodgers on electric bass and Ben Guy on cello. You don't see that combination too often. The cello really adds a nice touch - sometimes providing a soft influence - other times rough. ; plus at times a funky bass feel. Their sound oscillates between folk rock, an indie sound, some reggae-rap, and sometimes an Irish tune. That's when Rodgers ditches the bass and brings out a tin whistle. But the band literally centers around Keith. He quickly gained a rapport with the audience through humor - difficult in an environment like the Dogfish where people are eating, watching hockey or football and conversing amongst themselves. He also grabs their attention through the music. He plays a mean 12-string acoustic, knows how to write meaningful songs, and is authenticate. No musical distortions here. My favorite song of the night was "64" and "What If", but their cover of "Down Under" turned heads at the bar.

Unfortunately at the end of the evening, going to the Dogfish didn't save me any money. Despite not paying a cover, a 750 ml bottle of Chateau Jiahu and a glass of Midas Touch adds up. But it was worth it.

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Keith said...

Thanks for the very kind review. We passed it on to all our fans. Your support for us and the rest of the music scene is greatly appreciated.

Keith Center