Wednesday, November 11, 2009

20 Days in November - Day 6: Bobby Long

Our streak almost came to an end again, but I made it to see some of Bobby Long at Jammin' Java. I had thought about heading to Alexandria's Vermilion to see Timothy Bracken - but wasn't up for another late evening. I had read several reviews that had described Long as "Dylanesque" and since I might be heading to the Patriot Center Wednesday for the Bob Dylan, why night take a listen. Obviously comparing anyone to Dylan invites undue pressure for someone to live up to. But based on Long's own ability, he's good - a judgment shared by the 50 women in attendance. What I liked most was his guitar playing - nice and crisp. Listen to "Two Year Old" or "Penance Fire Blues" or "sad Woman Blues". I concentrated so much on the guitar playing that I couldn't tell you much of the content of the songs. But in general, this was a relaxing musical evening - just sitting and listening. Tonight Jammin' Java was transformed into a English pub - without the bitters.

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Anonymous said...

"Sad Woman Blues" is one of my favorite songs! Glad you got the chance to see Bobby:D