Thursday, November 19, 2009

20 Days in November - Day14: PinkJams

Over the past few weeks both Justin Trawick and the members of Memphis 59 have been reminding us of their benefit concert, PinkJams, held at The Clarendon Ballroom. The benefit was designed to raise money to promote breast cancer awareness and was a timely event with regards to this week's new examination guidelines. Memphis 59 has a history of promoting charity goals since currently A portion of all proceeds from their CD sales are donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Since we had seen this band a couple times the last few weeks and plan to attend their CD release show at Jammin' Java on December 4th - I wasn't overly disappointing that I missed their set. I arrived in time for Trawick and his full band - which is always quite an experience. Not only is the music tight - but you never know what you're hear. Maybe some rock, or a 20 minute rap extravaganza, a sax solo from Ken Wenzel, or California surf guitar from Josh Himmelsbach, or a funky bass riff by Jean Finstad - or even a Viennese waltz. Who knows. Because of this versatility and hard work - playing virtually every other night - they have developed a nice fan base.

It was a nice turnout for the evening. The attendance was a bit misleading because the venue is so large - but we hear the organizers met their goals. A good cause and good music - a win win.

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